Let them eat brioche!

A light sweet yeast bread typically in the form of a small round roll.

It wasn’t cake that Marie Antoinette wanted to feed to the French. Her instructions were actually, “Let them eat brioche.” Brioche is certainly as rich and buttery as cake, but that’s where the similarities end.

It is more of a bread than it is a cake. Yeast-risen with a chewy, bread-like interior. Traditionally, brioche is formed into loaf-sized or smaller dinner roll-sized “brioche à tête” (“tête” translates as “head” – perhaps in homage to the unfortunate Marie Antoinette…).


Not exactly sweet and not exactly savoury – brioche is a fantastic bread for any meal of the day. Some prefer spreading their favourite jam or chocolate spread. Brioche burgers have become a major trend in the past few years with restaurants up and down the country taking advantage of the contrasting flavours and texture of the burger and bun. It’s also a great companion for a hot soup – especially as we approach the nippy Autumn evenings.

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